Famous AA Speaker | Recovery Audio

AA recovery audio tapes allows you to listen to Alcoholism recovery speakers, workshops and audio from Alcoholics Anonymous.

                                                   AA Speakers Joe and Charlie

Charlie and Joe are the original Big Book Workshop Facilitators. If you haven’t experienced the Charlie and Joe audio recordings yet – do your recovery a favor. 100’s of options to download and listen or watch here.

Joe and Charlie.jpg

Most widely known within the fellowship because of his love for the big book and his partnering with Charlie P. to start and continue the Joe and Charlie Big Book Studies since 1977 that have been given all around the world.
Sober since March 10, 1962, when he found himself in the psych ward and drunk tank at the Arkansas State hospital. At age 35, he finally confronted his alcoholism and ran up the white flag. Joe also founded and was the Executive Director of Serenity Park Treatment Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Sandy Beach AA Speaker

Richard John Beach, also known as Sandy B. by fellows in the rooms of 12-Step Fellowship Alcoholics Anonymous. Sandy Beach AA speaker passed away this past year at 83 years old but will not be forgotten. Sandy’s passing has reignited the basis of the principles behind living a sober life in recovery and applying them in the moment as life occurs to sustain the daily reprieve in spite of any trials or tribulations that may lure toward a deviant path.

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